FAQ - questions

FAQ - questions


If you like, you can change the rules if all players agree to the changes at the beginning of the game.

Questions concerning STRATAK WARS:


  • Playing time

- Question: How long does it take to play a STRATAK WARS game?

Answer: You can choose the plaing time by yourself.

Anyway we realised the following average playing times:

"STRATAK WARS test & travel set" with 2 players: Appr. 30 minutes.

"STRATAK WARS The Beginning" with 2 players and 4 gameboards: Appr. 60 minutes for a balanced end or more.

"STRATAK WARS The Beginning" with 3 players and 6 gameboards: Appr. 120 minutes for a balanced end or more.

"STRATAK WARS The Beginning" with 4 players and 6 gameboards: Appr. 150 minutes for a balanced end or more.

"STRATAK WARS Europe" with 4 players and 15 gameboards: Appr. 240 minutes or more.


Questions concerning STRATAK WARS - The Beginning - Rules:


  • Combat

- Question: Which unit might suffer a hit from the roll of the die?

Answer: The unit with a smaller die roll suffers a hit.

As this is a German board-game, the roll of the die is different from many American war-games where smaller numbers generally produce a better result. In Germany, the opposite is the case, where higher numbers give an advantage.


  • Capturing supply

- Question: How much supply do I get during my turn?

Answer: If you have not conquered any new city in your turn, you do not get any supply. You will get supply points for cities you have conquered in the actual turn only. If you do not occupy foreign cities, you cannot build new units.
You will get 2 points for small, 4 points for industrial and 6 points for capital cities, you have conquered in the actual turn. You have to build new units at the end of this turn.
Exception: If you use supply counters you can collect them until the costs of the most expensive unit are reached.


  • Miniatures

- Question: Which kind of miniatures can be used for STRATAK WARS?

Answer: You can use Axis & Allies miniatures (except some strategical bombers) or medium tanks in the scale 1/285 (e.g. CinC and GHQ) or smaller miniatures like those in the scale 1/700 from Skywave.

- Question: How can different miniatures be stacked on a STRATAK WARS field?

Answer: Due to the "STRATAK WARS INDIVIDUAL" rule there is a stacking limit of 2 miniatures per field.

Anyway some players use Axis & Allies chips. Grey = 1, green = 3, red = 5 units.

If you need many miniatures in one field, we recommend to define task force counters like those of "Seeschlacht bei Tangor" ("Naval battle at Tangor").

You need two of the same kind. E.g. Two british ownership counters or two US tank counters, etc.

One of these counters is placed on the field, the second counter is placed near the gameboard and the miniatures are placed next to this second counter.

So every player can see which miniatures should be in the field, connected to the task force counter.


  • Illustrated example 1

- Question: In this example two cities are captured. An industrial city and a small city. How many supply points does the conquerer get?

Answer: The conquerer gets 6 supply points (instead of 3 points as listed. This was an old supply point system used in the description of the illustrated example which is wrong).