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Due to the 25th STRATAK anniversary we offer special prices for industrially produced products of the STRATAK game publishing company.

STRATAK WARS – Test- and Travelset

STRATAK WARS – The Beginning

STRATAK Europe map

STRATAK WARS gameboards and counters (industrially produced only)

(Exluded are manually produced STRATAK products as well as products of other companies.)


Below the "STRATAK news and photos" folder you can find photos and new dates of conventions with STRATAK.


We offer items of the following themes:

  • - Miniatures for AXIS & ALLIES and tin tanks in the scale 1/285 by CinC:

AXIS & ALLIES Miniatures

  • - Military models: Assembled and painted in the scales 1/72, 1/87, 1/120, 1/144, 1/160, 1/220
  • - by Artitec, Dragon Armor, Easy Model and Panzerstahl:

Ready to play models: Tanks and planes


ARTITEC assault gun StuG III G and howitzer StuH 42 variants in the scale 1 to 87

Artitec military models 1/220 1/160 1/120 1/87 1/72

ARTITEC tanks in the scales 1 to 120 (TT), 160 (N) and 220 (Z)

  • - Wargames as boardgames with or without miniatures:



  • - Tabletop games (At the moment: In german language only):
  • - Science Fiction:


STAR WARS Tabletop games and models

  • - Historical:


  • - Terrain equipment

Terrain equipment ruins emplacements hills

  • - Terrain tiles

Tarrain tiles for tabletop games

  • - Miniatures in the scales 1/72 and 1/76:

Figures 1/72

  • - Military model kits and buildings in the scales 1/72 and 1/100:

Model kits


Please find more information here for the next convention with STRATAK:





All items offered  are not suitabe for children younger than 3 years as the items may contain swallowable parts.


STRATAK - Strategie- und Taktikspiele (strategic and tactical games) is a game publisher who is specialised on wargames with easy rules which can be expanded for higher complexity. You can decide about the playing time by yourself.


So the games can be played by beginners quickly and you can play short games if you like.


Additionally STRATAK offers military models as kits or as assembled and painted models for tabletop games as well as radio controlled models for real time gaming.


STRATAK offers:

  • - strategic- and tactical games
  • - wargames
  • - tabletops
  • - military modells - built and painted (1/72 - 1/144)
  • - model kits (1/100)
  • - miniatures (1/72 - 1/76)
  • - buildings, ruins and fortifications (1/72 - 1/144)
  • - fan articles


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Have fun with our games.


STRATAK WARS - Der Auftakt / The Beginning:




Wargame STRATAK WARS - The Beginning