STRATAK news and photos

STRATAK news and photos

STRATAK news and photos


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Fotos of Conventions with STRATAK:

Handover of the certificate "Silberner Stephan 2016" for the game "STRATAK WARS - The Beginning" in the category "Best Boardgame"


Tabletop game STRATAK BATTLES PANZERSCHLACHT on the Dreieich-Con 2016 in Dreieich-Sprendlingen south of Frankfurt / Main


A part of the STRATAK Science Fiction items on the SPACEDAYS 2016 in the technical university in Darmstadt


STRATAK BATTLES PANZERSCHLACHT in the scale 1/72 on the Rat-Con 2016 in Limburg


STRATAK games on the "Dreieicher Rollenspieltreffen" 2013 in Dreieich-Sprendlingen south of Frankfurt am Main

STRATAK games on Dreieichcon 2013

STRATAK on the Spiel' 2013 fair in Essen

STRATAK booth on the fair "Spiel' 2013" in Essen

STRATAG GAMES on FeenCon 2013

STRATAK GAMES on FeenCon 2013

Special thanks to the 501st German Garrison for defending the Imperium against the mini Millenium Falcon on the STRATAK booth at the

Role Playing Convention 2013 in Cologne.

STRATAK on Role Playing Convention Cologne 2013

STRATAK Spiele on the gaming convention "Dreieicher Rollenspieltreffen 2012":

STRATAK games on Dreieicher Rollenspieltreffen 2012

STRATAK games on the fair "Model Hobby Games" in Leipzig:

STRATAK games on the fair "model hobby games" in Leipzig

STRATAK games on the Phantasticon in Rodgau:

STRATAK games on the Phantasticon in Rodgau

STRATAK on the Rat-Con in Unna:

STRATAK on the RatCon in Unna

STRATAK on the Feen-Con in Bonn - Bad Godesberg:

STRATAK on FeenCon in Bonn - Bad Godesberg

Special thanks to the "Armee des Stahls" (army of steel) for their guards on the "Role Playing Convention (RPC)"  2012 on the fair in Cologne:

Army of steel at STRATAK games on RPC Cologne 2012


STRATAK strategic- and tactical games were presented on the following gaming conventions (sorted by cities in alphabetic order):


  • - Antwerp: Crisis
  • - Aschaffenburg: Cave Con
  • - Bad Godesberg: Feen Con
  • - Bad Nauheim: Asgard - Con
  • - Bad Vilbel: Ring Con
  • - Braunfels: Hexacon
  • - Darmstadt: Darmstadt spielt
  • - Darmstadt: Spacedays
  • - Dreieich Buchschlag: Dreieicher Rollenspieltreffen
  • - Dreieich Buchschlag: Simcon
  • - Dreieich Sprendlingen: Buchmesse Convention BuCon
  • - Dreieich Sprendlingen: Dreieicher Rollenspieltreffen
  • - Dortmund: Dodecahedron
  • - Dortmund: Rat-Con
  • - Essen: Fantasy En' Counter: Spielvorstellung im Laden
  • - Essen: Spiel Messe
  • - Franfurt am Main: BuCon
  • - Frankfurt am Main: Modellbaubörse
  • - Frankfurt am Main: Spectaculum-FDC
  • - Frankfurt am Main: Spielerlei: Spielvorstellung im Laden
  • - Göttingen: Spieleautorentreffen
  • - Hamburg: Nordcon
  • - Herne: Herner Spielewahnsinn
  • - Heroldsberg: Demon Con
  • - Hofheim am Taunus: Goldener Apfel Spieletag
  • - Karben: Rollenspiel Con
  • - Köln: RPC Role Play Convention Messe
  • - Königstein: Wintermärchen Con
  • - Leipzig: Modell Hobby Spiel Messe
  • - Limburg: Rat-Con
  • - Mainz: Fantastic Convention (Fan Con)
  • - Mörfelden-Walldorf: Hamster Con
  • - München - Haar: Spieleautorentreffen
  • - Rodgau Dudenhofen: Rodgauer Rollenspieltreffen
  • - Rodgau Weiskirchen: Phantasticon
  • - Sankt Gallen (Schweiz): Spielmesse
  • - Unna: Rat-Con


Other news


Since May 2013 we offer "Artitec" ready made hihg end military models in the scale 1/87 = H0.


Since March 15th 2013 we offer the miniatures game STAR WARS X-WING - german version only.

(If you need the miniatures only, the language does not matter.)


Since March 14th 2013 we have simplified our shipping costs.

There is one flat charge for each shipping zone regardless of the shipping weight.


Since March 2013 we offer Dragon Armor models in the scale 1/72. We think that Dragon offers the best quality for assempled plastic models.


Beside STRATAK wargames and wargames of other publishers we offer some family boardgames as well if you want to order them. Some of them are available on this site and most of them are available with english rules.



During gaming conventions our products are not viewable and cannot be bought in our webshop.

If you place orders until 48 hours before a convention we can bring your orders to the convention without shipping costs.

For fairs the order has to be placed 1 week before the fair starts.


If you can read and understand german language, you can find a review of our game "STRATAK WARS - The Beginning" on the "Ludoversum" and Roachware sites:






Here you can find places and conventions where you can play STRATAK games.


We attend the gaming afternoon "Spectaculum-FDC" in the Final Destination Club in Frankfurt / Main frequently if the weather conditions are fine. Anyway you can always play our game "STRATAK WARS - The Beginning" in the Club during the gaming afternoon. The entrance is free.


Please find more information here:





We will hide our products on this site during a convention to avoid offering articles we have probably sold out on a convention. If the status for an article is red, it might be available soon. Articles which are sold out will be hidden until we can offer them again.


If they are still available, you can play our games here as well:


- Cruise ship "Aida Luna" (STRATAK WARS Test- & Reiseset / Test- & Travel-Set )

- Cruise ship "Aida Sol" (STRATAK WARS Der Auftakt / The Beginning - variant for 4 players)

- Cruise ship "Mein Schiff 1" (STRATAK WARS Test- & Reiseset / Test- & Travel-Set )

- Cruise ship "Mein Schiff 2" (STRATAK WARS Test- & Reiseset / Test- & Travel-Set )

- Game convention "Darmstadt spielt" - Spieleverleih (STRATAK WARS - Der Auftakt / The Beginning)

- Gaming day "Spectaculum-FDC" in the Final Destination Club in Franfurt / Main

("STRATAK WARS - Der Auftakt / The Beginning" and "STRATAK WARS Test- & Reiseset / Test- & Travel-Set")


Please find more information here (in german only): http://www.spectaculum-fdc.com/