How to use this website


A brief description of the STRATAK website:


  • Products:

If there are several photos available, you can choose the photo you like to enlarge by using the detail view.

You can enlarge the photos by moving the mouse over them or by clicking them.
Some products have variants you can choose.


  • Payment:

Information concerning payment and shipping can be found under „Contact information“.

You can pay by money transfer.

Paypal members can pay with XOOM by Paypal.

For your safety we do not offer a payment method which asks you to enter your account information here.


  • Orders:

Returning customers can order articles from companies we do not have in stock. Especially games and models.

These are listed on the corresponding pages.

Before you order, please ask by email, if the articles can be ordered by us and how much they are expected to cost.

Articles we do not have in stock are just an offer you can order, if available.


Returning customers are customers who have already ordered at least one article which was delivered succesfully.


  • Availability:

If the signal light is red, there is no article in stock.

If it is yellow there are 1 or 2 items in stock.

If the signal light is green there are more than 1 item in stock.


  • Shipment

If you choose the correct shipment costs for your country we ship insured with a shipment ID.

This should be the normal procedure.

If you do not choose the correct shipment method, we will cancel your order or ship without insurance and shipment ID.


  • Questions:

Please contact us by email to Info@STRATAK.com if you have questions.


Have fun on the STRATAK pages!